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Rather a musician than an electronics engineer I was always looking for new sounds. This finally(?) let me to modular synth. Once I purchased some Dopefer modules for a modular guitar effect the plan rose to build my own modular synth... this was in 2005 and I never held an soldering iron in my hands before.
The following pages will show my efforts. And remember, the page is still under construction...
These pages are meant as an presentation of the S-DIY i do. They reflect my current and certainly limited technical understanding of these things.
A WORD ABOUT THE PCB LAYOUTS: The layouts i made work for me, they are not perfect though. Sometimes i might have made some mistakes. So if you have some findings don't hesitate to contact me.
Certain layouts show footprints for cliff sockets in order to mount these PCBs to the front panels. they are not placed according the 0.8 inch grid, the spacing follows the metric system: 20mm spacing. Consider this before making panels.
A WORD ABOUT BUILDING OTHER PEOPLE CIRCUITS: I think it's a good practice to breadboard any of the circuits i find in the world wide web before i do a PCB or a frontpanel. Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. I do, you do and others do.
Cabinet I
EFM RXCV midi2CV converter
CGS Psycho LFO
EFM dual VCO 3D
CGS Wavemuliplier
dual CGS DC Mixer
EFM dual VCA 6B
EFM dual ADSR 2A
dual CGS real vintage Ringmod/ Multiples
fonitrOnik passive Attenuators Module
fonitrOniK digiFX I Modul
Polivoks VCF clone
dual MFOS 12db Statevariable VCF
Cabinet II
fonitrOnik PS3100 Resonators
fonitrOnik SSM2044 VCF
JH. Wasp VCF clone
Dopefers A-156 quantizer (customized)
fonitrOnik Buchlaesque (CV proc./LPGate)
CGS VC divider
Thomas Henry's SN Voice
CGS utility LFO
VC 4pos switch I/O
CGS suboscillator
EFM dual Waveshaper WAV 1B
Cabinet III
TH SN76477 Super Controller
TH Mankato VCF
TH dual 8038 VCO
fonitrOnik Attenuverting Mixer
fonitrOnik LM1036 Audio Processor
fonitrOnik Simple Divider
fonitrOnik Wasp clone
Roman Sowas's AD633 RingMod
TH dual 2164 VCA
TH phase shifter
fonitrOnik VC Quad Switch
fonitrOnik PS3100 v3 stereo pan
fonitrOnik SSM2044 VCF
Cabinet IV
Papareil Quantix-8
fonitrOnik VCPS-8 Sequencer
fonitrOnik VC Clock
fonitrOnik On-Beat Divider
fonitrOnik VC RingMod
fonitrOnik Gate Controlled LPG
Cabinet V (under contruction)
fonitrOnik mh11 BinSeq proto
Boogdish Simple Quantizer
Thomas Henry Dual X-4046 VCO
fonitrOnik X-Pan/Fader
fonitrOnik Comparator
Dual WoggleBug #3
Dave Kendall's M2C Mainmodule
EFM 3534 Noise-S/H
fonitrOnik Voltage Meter/Cable Tester

more to come...
Cabinet Vb
fonitrOnik On-Beat Divider
fonitrOnik Attenuverting Mixer
fonitrOnik Breakdown
(Stepped Multimode VCF)
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